We would recommend to Anyone

“There are no words to describe the changes in our son, Landon, since he started preschool at Paso a Paso. He is a completely different kid. He has gone from a shy, cautious, little guy who suffered to separate from us and was not very independent to a happy, confident, friendly little man who happily runs into school (often forgetting to say goodbye), easily connects with his peers, and comfortably engages in new social situations and new activities. It has been mind-blowing to see and it is entirely due to his experience at Paso. In short, is it safe to say that because of his time at Paso, Landon is thriving. Beyond the doors at Paso, there is so much fun, love, laughter, learning, play, nurturing, and some kind of magic. Truly. I could not dream up a better environment for our son and he also understands and speaks Spanish beautifully since his time at Paso. The pinnacle for my husband and me was watching our son, who would have refused to walk into a room of people before, happily participate in singing with his classmates at the holiday concert in front of a large crowd of family members. We would recommend to ANYONE to join the Paso Family. It is the best gift we have given to Landon and ourselves.”

~Alison and Scott Swisher

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